Is it Ok for RCA barells l&r touch each other

Please help me to clarify one thing regarding IC end-tips:I own a few Harmonic Tech IC. They all come with the huge barrell type tips.I love these cables for their looks and sounds.The problem is all my equiments provide limited space for RCA jacks that the barrells of the left and right channels touching each other. Some people say it does not make any difference since the barrells carry only ground. Is it kind of hook-up will eventually damage my equipments? Thank you.
The one time I had that situation I just stuffed a small piece of 3x5 card between them.

I don't know if it made any difference but I slept better because of it.
Actually, unless your system is totally dual mono, complete with separate volume controls in separate chassis, then the grounds are tied together. Even in a complete dual mono system, I would be surprised not to see them tied somewhere together.

It is possible, but highly unlikely, that you will have a problem. Keep in mind that stressing those RCA jacks can fracture them and that will indeed cause you some serious headaches. So, be careful with the electrical tape, it isn't two dimensional!
My harmonix cables do the same on my MA2275, a 1/8 thick corrugated inch cardboard square helped that and also corrected a slight sag from the top cable due to weight.