Is it ok to not gush over Vanessa Fernadez? listener's perspective.

I bit. I purchased the first lp. I've owned it for over a year, played it completely through one time. I have played a couple of sides a couple more times. My point is, it just doesn't move me. Yes, she has talent. Yes, the production is great. Yes, we are suppose to fall in line, etc....

The lp has excellent SQ, so why doesn't it move me enough to listen more? Could it be that this has been done to death? Holly Cole, Jacintha etc... I listed those purely for examples, not to disparage in any way.

To me, just my own opinion, this particular artist seems to exist by the way of being sold to the audiophile community, solely for profit. American Idol comes to mind. IMO, this seems to be a manufactured product, made purposefully for the audiophile community.

I'm just expressing my opinion. I wanted others to have their opportunity. Not a debate just a reason for being.

Happy Listening!

Bill, in the 1980's Ying Tan was a dealer of rare LP's in his little apartment a block off the famous corner of Hollywood & Vine, location of the Capitol Records circular building. I went over to his place a couple of times and bought from him. A nice guy who didn't over-charge "too" much. I seem to recall he had a Keith Monks RCM, a very expensive machine at the time. His apartment was stuffed to the gills with LP's!

Next thing I knew, he was an audiophile reissue label owner, along with Michael Hobson of Classic Records. I never heard what happened, but Hobson bought out Ying after only a few years. I haven't seen him since.

Very cool story- bdp24-

So many success stories started out in some apartment or garage.
Happy Listening!
She has talent, however as a whole, her singing style, voice and song just very piercing and fatiguing. Same effect like a visit to the dentist for a root canal.
VF's here but I am gone conveys the most emotion and involvement IMHO in the 2 albums that I have heard.  Maybe her most popular too demoed by many high end gear retailers. Very talented and well recorded but her song choices sometimes don't put her beautiful voice in the best light causing interest to be lost by listeners.  Any who are not a fan now should check out her future work.