Is it OK to place speakers behind me ?

I will be setting up a new office soon and it looks like the best location available for my two audioengine 5 powered speakers will be on a shelf behind my desk. I listened to my main stereo today and it seems to sound OK that way. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated
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unsound; no, I don't...but if I did, I'd still hear the concert just as coherently, wouldn't I?
The frequency response characteristics of our ears are different for sounds arriving from the rear compared to sounds arriving from the front.

I did a quick Google search, which led me to the figure labelled "open ear" near the bottom of page 6 of this reference:

You can see that at 0 degrees (straight ahead), the responses for the four frequencies shown (500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz) are equal. At 180 degrees the 2kHz and 4kHz responses are down almost 5db relative to the 1kHz response. That would figure to produce a significantly duller or perhaps "thinner" sound from the rear, in the upper mid-range and lower treble.

The difference is even greater, around 9db, if you compare the response at 45 degrees to the right with the response at 135 degrees to the right. That is probably the most meaningful comparison, because it approximates the listening angle relative to the position of the speaker on that side. A similar 9db reduction of the high frequencies would occur at the left ear, relative to the sound arriving from the left speaker.

As some of the others have said, whether or not that is acceptable for your purposes is your call.

-- Al
excellent info, Al -- thank you!

I came to the same general, but by no means as empirical, conclusion last night by spinning my listening chair around a couple of times. I wouldn't have had the language to describe it other than saying I certainly prefer face-forward, but now that your post provided it, I can immediately nod and say 'yes, thinner.'