Is it okay to talk around your speakers?

When a system is not on, should you avoid making any noise near the speakers? I am thinking about back EMF caused by the speaker cones moving and then sending voltage backwards into the crossover and the rest of the system - could this cause damage or even minor degradation to the sound quality after a while? Do you unhook the speakers when not in use just to be on the safe side?
They are SPEAKERS, not LISTENERS. They speak. They do not listen. (Hmm . . . reminds me of . . .)
Simply talk off-axis & you won't have any problems. This applies to all types of designs.

I have heard it said not to talk closer than the 1st reflection point but that's never been proven.
It might sound dumber, but do speakers remember the music they play? There is a school of thought on this. For example, never play Rap or metal on a system that is used for jazz- it will be damaged forever. It will still play, but not as well. It won't really ever sound good again.

On dealer also told me to never place speakers in a spot that is a "bass node" - IT will cause damage?