Is It Possible?


Is it possible for a pair of Quad63 sounds better than a pair of Focal Utopia Scala I?  I am was using the Scala in my system and was very happy with the overall result, except for an occasionally bright sound on certain recordings.  I recently bought a pair of non-working Quad63 at a garage sale for $250, had them serviced for about $650.  I was going to use the quad in my office for background music, but I decided to have a A/B test against my beloved Scala.  I almost fell of my chair when heard what came out of the Quad. The vocals and the instruments just came alive, especially the female's voice.  The only advantage I gave to the Scala was the soundstage, which is wider and a little deeper than the Quad.  How can this be?  What am I doing wrong with the Scala?  How can a pair of $900 speakers sounds much better, in my opinion, than a pair of speakers that cost me almost $25,000?

not as simple as that...and I own a pair of ESL63.... but yes you got a steal especially refurbishment for $650.... it typically starts at $2 k
but never the less, welcome to magic midrange....

ultimate slam, spl, low bass better left to other toys...but I guess you are smitten....

My friend drop them off for me in Sacramento.  Don't get me wrong, I still like the Focal, but just not as much.