Is it possible for a high end manufacturer to overprice their goods?

Having just read the interesting and hyperbole laden review by RH of the new Rockport Orion speakers in the latest issue of The Absolute Sound, one thing struck me..

is it possible in the high end for a manufacturer to overprice their product ( doesn’t have to be a speaker, but this example comes to mind)? I ask this, as the Orion is priced at $133k! Yes,a price that would probably make 99% of hobbyists squirm. Yet, the speaker now joins a number of competitors that are in the $100k realm. 
To that, this particular speaker stands just 50.3” tall and is just 14.3” wide…with one 13” woofer, one 7” midrange and a 1.25” beryllium dome ( which these days is nothing special at all…and could potentially lead to the nasties of beryllium bite).

The question is…given this speakers design and parts, which may or may not be SOTA, is it possible that this is just another overpriced product that will not sell, or is it like others, correctly priced for its target market? Thoughts…

yes of course,, need profit 2000 percent minimum to survive for high end manufacture

For it to be really good it has to be expensive right?  

My current phono stage, a Schitt Mani, sounds great to me but it's so cheap that I keep thinking there must be something better because it's so cheap, but I'm not finding it.  If it were priced higher I probably would not be looking.  If I paid a grand for it I would make sure in my mind that it sounds great and wouldn't doubt it and I wouldn't be looking.  

I do not generally think that cost necessarily parallels performance in high end audio. I was recently at an old friends house listening to vinyl on a $1500 rig and it sounded great. There is a very real phenomena of luxury pricing designed to make people THNK it’s better when it’s not. That said the Rockport Orion is worth every penny. Joy and happiness achieved from music do not require anywhere near this investment. That is a different question. 

If it's one of the best sounding speakers in the world, it fits your listening room and you can afford it, what does it matter. It will be appreciated and give joy as much or more than a Patek Phillipe or other super expensive watch. It's all relative. Provided the speaker performs as one of the best. 

Who is to judge?

With most products and services, if at least some people don't complain about the price then it is probably not high enough.   If it priced too high, then it won't sell.  The purpose of most businesses it to make money so the good ones price their goods/services based on "what the market will bear" for the value provided.  With a group that will pay $250 for a pink fuse, the sky's the limit!