Is it possible to adapt kt88 to a 6A3 single ended

Is it possible to for kt88/7AC base tubes with an adapter to be plug in a 6A3 SE amp?
Hi Realdeal,
Al's very thorough and thoughtful response is based purely on technical considerations. I feel he is giving you very wise advice, if you want to proceed with this experiment of course you are free to do so. In my opinion these two tubes are about as different as one could imagine. If you do decide to continue this experiment let us all know how it turns out. The analogy would be comparing a Harley Davidson motorcycle to a Dodge Caravan minivan, they're just simply different.
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Ignore Almarg. Wire it up as you see fit and flip the power switch. Just be sure to stand behind a 2" lexan shield and have a fire extinguisher ready. And whatever you do don't alert you insurance carrier.
Realdeal what would you do if ralph from atmasphere pops in on this thread and echo's Al's response?
I feel Al, Ralph and a few others are extremely well versed in electronic theory and application; their advice is solid.
Realdeal I was thinking about this thread and was wondering what design parameters are you considering to implement with this attempt?
Found the 10-19 post below on the "Designer Hall of Fame" thread started in '08. Now if we only knew OV, might have a clue what's going on with this line of inquiry.

10-19-15: Realdeal
OV,who designed tube rectified OTL,using DHT tube as an OPT or any of the 7ac based tubes.Make it possible for kt66/88 or any 7ac based tube directly plugged into a 4 pin socket of a 6A3 single ended amp without amplifier mod.
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