Is it possible to connect Lumin x1 to Hegel H390?

Is it possible to connect a hegel h390 to a lumin x1

The reason being that the lumins' dac is much better and the steaming capabilities are much better as well (plus i enjoy the fiber connection to the lumin)
The owners manual says coax to dac and xlr from external dac to hegel.

The problem is, the lumin doesnt have digital inputs (besides usb). Why would i need to coax into the lumin? why would the hegel need to send a signal to the lumin at all? Perhaps they are assuming you are connecting to an external dac only and not a dac/streamer

why cant i just xlr out into the hegel? perhaps i dont understand. I just want to use the hegel as an amp/pre only

"This function makes it possible to upgrade the digital inputs of the H390 with an external high-end DAC. This is done by conecting the re-clocked coaxial digital output of the H390 to the external DAC. The output of the external DAC will need to be connected to the XLR input of the H390"
I guess some people just can't bring themselves to be helpful.  It's easier to make inane comments.

Those instructions are for bypassing the Hegel's internal DAC and using an external DAC instead.  In your case the Hegal will not be sending anything to the X1.  Instead, just connect the X1 to one of the Hegal's inputs and stream from the X1 like I assume you're doing now (Qobuz/Tidal over your network?) and enjoy the superior DAC in the X1.  I can't remember if the X1 has RCA and XLR or just XLR outputs (my T2 has both) but XLR is preferred.  You can use the volume control on the Hegal or just set it at a comfortable level and use the Leed volume control on the X1.

Hi guys, I have a Lumin T2 and Hegel H390. I have connected them via XLR. However, even when streaming MQA 96 kHz files through Roon, the LED screen on the Hegel says 44.1 KHz. The Lumin signal path shows MQA 96. Is this what other people have experienced? Does it mean that the MQA unfolding in the Lumin is not being transmitted to the Hegel? Thanks for any help! Nadine

Sorry, I don't own a Hegel or use Roon but I'll hazard to try and help.

You say you have your T2 and your Hegel connected via XLR, which is an analog connection. Via that connection your Hegel is not involved in the streaming/DAC process, at all, which is fine. You should set your Hegel to whatever input the T2 is connected to (eg "XLR").

Which input have you selected as the input on your Hegel? If XLR, it should be playing the output from your T2, but I don't know why it would display a bit rate. If, on the other hand you've selected one of the digital inputs, it's playing whatever is coming into that input, and your T2 isn't involved.

What endpoint are you using within Roon?