Is it possible to get Hi-end sound ??

Hi guys,
Now, that I am inspired with this hobby, I would like to as you if is it possible to get Hi-end sound without to spend a fortune or selling the home ??
I am poor and want to find the way to do it if possible.
Some ideas !
dvjorge missed my point. I don't mean to imply my stuff sounds as refined as 200K worth of gear, just that a MUCH more modest system can sound amazing in one's own home if properly set up, thereby providing some serious enjoyment. My listening room isn't big enough for Q5s to open up anyway, thus saving me 50 grand! Also...I doubt seriously that people with mega buck systems are having more fun than those of us who prefer to assemble a well thought out system within fiscal boundaries, as the laws of "diminishing returns" seem to rule in audio. I bet if I won millions in the lottery I would be too antsy to enjoy any system much, as it seems that among those with stupid luck the first thing to leave them are previously valued simple pleasures (I read that somewhere).
Yes, if you put the biggest portion of your money (that you have set aside for hifi) towards the speakers and preamp, it will lay a good foundation. To pursue this hobby with vigor you will need money and lots of it, there are exceptions like for an audiophile that has very good experience with matching various speakers and components to reach an outcome that is high end regardless of cost. When you do assemble a system don't let anyone convince you there is better because that might put you on that frustrating ride called the merry-go-round but believe your ears. How frustrating can it be for an audiophile who has spent one hundred thousand dollars on his system to find out that the guy down the street spent half that and it sounds as good or nearly as good.
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I agree with Wolf garcia. I have a modest $5000 system and have really enjoyed the challenge of matching equipment and cables until I found the best sound at the given budget.
I have heard $60,000 systems that didn't sound good to me at all. The point is, set a budget and have a great time getting the best sound you can at that budget.
Buy used hear and there and you wont take such a big loss when it comes time to try something else.
Have fun. John