Is it still possible to upgrade an AMR DP-777 to SE?

I’ve had the DP-777 since last May and it’s by far the best sounding DAC I’ve owned so far. Never thought I’d end up with a tubed DAC but this one is a real joy to listen to. Well, we audiophiles never seem to be satisfied, and the reviews of the SE version of this DAC indicate that it’s a significant improvement over the original. For a time it appeared that the DP-777 could be upgraded to SE status, but now all the older AMR models seem to be listed as "legacy products" on their website, and as such I can’t figure out whether they’re even making these products any more.

Have any of you done this upgrade? I’d be interested to know how it worked out for you. I’m considering having this done if it’s still possible. I’m in the USA so shipping the thing to England is not really an option even if they’re still doing these upgrades, but perhaps there’s an authorized AMR tech in this country who can do this?

I’m not sure who would do it now but your best bet is to contact the US iFi importer. AMR and iFi are the same company. 
 I believe you’d have to send it overseas. UK or China, I don’t know, as they are a UK company but the units were built in China (right?). I remember hearing some rumblings about some controversies and/or issues revolving around the SE. That might be why it went ‘legacy’ so shortly after it’s release. 
I had a DP-777 back when it first came out and agree it was a great DAC in the right system. 
As of 6 months ago, yes, it was possible. I had contacted AMR UK they said they can send the upgrade kit for 1000 odd euros.

Not sure if their USA dealer would do it though.
Thanks for the responses. I sent an inquiry to AMR UK last week which has so far gone unanswered. Might try the same with iFi and see if they have any info about this. Hopefully I'll know one way or another soon. Stay tuned.