Is it still worth buying a Lumin x1 in 2023?



i currently have a Lumin D2 in my system, and i want to upgrade (I know ... typical audiophile problem :-) ).

My system is the following:

Speakers: Spendor sp100r2

Amp: Grandionote Shinai

Streamer: Lumin D2

Power isolation: Puritan PSM 156

Why do i want to upgrade?

I want "more of everything": more clarity, more details, more extension on both ends, better vocals, less digital sounding ... I like music, i don't want something too analytical. I want to be able to seat, enjoy and relax.


I've considering adding a DAC to my D2, but a local dealer told me that i should change my streamer and get a T3.

Initially i had this list of DAC in mind (5k price range):

  • T+A DAC 200 
  • Gen. Grand DSDac 1.0 Deluxe
  • Sould note D2
  • Aqua La Scala

Then, looking around, i found a great deal on a demo Lumin X1 ... a bit more than my budget ... but i can stretch.

Now my question: I read a lot of very positive review on the X1, but i'm a little nervous because it is a 5y old device ... and it will be a big investment, quesiton:

  • is it wise to go for a 5y old device
  • How long will i be able to enjoy it before services stop working on it?
  • Is it it better to get a new DAC and connect it to my D2 (and eventually upgrade to a more modern streamer later)?
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Will i get a better sound with the x1 compared to the D2 + a modern DAC in the 5k price range?

What do you all think?







I anticipate you will receive additional DAC suggestions not on your list plus suggestions to change other components in your system.   I have an X1 plus other DACs--unnecessary extravagance I know.  I have not owned nor listened to the other DACs on your list. Your overall presentation will be system dependent.  Will you be able to audition the X1 and/or DACs on your list?  If so, inquire how many hours have been accumulated on demo unit(s).   I found the X1 began sounding much better at 200 hours, but really settled in around 400 hours.  I do not see a server listed--what equipment are you using there and which services are you using? 

I currently am using Leedh processing with my X1 but have used preamps with it as well.   Leedh is quite good.   I believe you can use it with the D2, but you are using an integrated, and do not know if you can use it bypassed for only amp to try. If you can, I would expect a difference in presentation, which may tilt more to areas you wish to increase.

Eventually, Lumin will bring a new flagship to the line, but the X1 will still be a fine sounding piece.  Lumin has a history of supporting legacy devices.   The Sabre 9038Pro is quite capable with resolutions higher than my streaming sources and higher than any of my music on my server hard drive.  

Wish you the best in your journey.  Please keep us posted on what you land on.

+1 tuberist.

i have had the Lumin D-2, A-1, U-1 mini and the X-1.   There is no comparison.  Not to hurt your feelings but I found the D-2 to be lifeless.  The X-1 with new power supply is solid.  Look for the X-1 on the used market for between 8k and 9.5.  It should be noted that I have moved up to the Lampizator Pacific and then Horizon but I still loved the X-1.

I do expect quite a jump given the price difference :-) .... but that was not really my question: I'm a bit concerned about obsolescence. The X1 is 5y old, and i was wondering if adding a Good dac to the D2 would be a better choice in the long run? i.e.: similar muscial performances, but still works fine 5-7y done the road