Is it still worth buying a Lumin x1 in 2023?



i currently have a Lumin D2 in my system, and i want to upgrade (I know ... typical audiophile problem :-) ).

My system is the following:

Speakers: Spendor sp100r2

Amp: Grandionote Shinai

Streamer: Lumin D2

Power isolation: Puritan PSM 156

Why do i want to upgrade?

I want "more of everything": more clarity, more details, more extension on both ends, better vocals, less digital sounding ... I like music, i don't want something too analytical. I want to be able to seat, enjoy and relax.


I've considering adding a DAC to my D2, but a local dealer told me that i should change my streamer and get a T3.

Initially i had this list of DAC in mind (5k price range):

  • T+A DAC 200 
  • Gen. Grand DSDac 1.0 Deluxe
  • Sould note D2
  • Aqua La Scala

Then, looking around, i found a great deal on a demo Lumin X1 ... a bit more than my budget ... but i can stretch.

Now my question: I read a lot of very positive review on the X1, but i'm a little nervous because it is a 5y old device ... and it will be a big investment, quesiton:

  • is it wise to go for a 5y old device
  • How long will i be able to enjoy it before services stop working on it?
  • Is it it better to get a new DAC and connect it to my D2 (and eventually upgrade to a more modern streamer later)?
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Will i get a better sound with the x1 compared to the D2 + a modern DAC in the 5k price range?

What do you all think?







I do expect quite a jump given the price difference :-) .... but that was not really my question: I'm a bit concerned about obsolescence. The X1 is 5y old, and i was wondering if adding a Good dac to the D2 would be a better choice in the long run? i.e.: similar muscial performances, but still works fine 5-7y done the road 

I honestly don’t see how the X 1 will become obsolete unless some new technology develops. LUMIN  is a company that constantly updates the software in their existing products, I used  the LEEDH processing in my former T2 and it was a major sonic improvement for my ears. I now run a Weiss and could not be happier.


Your question is totally relevant when it comes to obsolescence- new products appear all the time. The X1 is a strong product and there still seems to be high demand for it.

On the other hand there is a lot to be had by using a separate dac and a streaming transport. I’m currently using an Aqua La Scala Optologic MKII with a Lumin U2 Mini for streaming and the presentation is excellent. I purposely bought a streaming transport so that I know I’m hearing the dac I want to hear. I appreciate having that flexibility within my system.


@thibaultgeoui ,

I would say that a 'better' Dac would be your best move.

Though I should say I have no firsthand experience with Lumin products, but do have a bit of experience in the digital realm. So, YMMV.

IMHO, though a streamer can/coes provide the necessary quality input, the DAC does the heavy lifting, and I have no doubt you will hear the greatest difference in sound quality if you choose to update your DAC first.

-And, put a good power cord on it, if possible.