Is it still worth buying a Lumin x1 in 2023?



i currently have a Lumin D2 in my system, and i want to upgrade (I know ... typical audiophile problem :-) ).

My system is the following:

Speakers: Spendor sp100r2

Amp: Grandionote Shinai

Streamer: Lumin D2

Power isolation: Puritan PSM 156

Why do i want to upgrade?

I want "more of everything": more clarity, more details, more extension on both ends, better vocals, less digital sounding ... I like music, i don't want something too analytical. I want to be able to seat, enjoy and relax.


I've considering adding a DAC to my D2, but a local dealer told me that i should change my streamer and get a T3.

Initially i had this list of DAC in mind (5k price range):

  • T+A DAC 200 
  • Gen. Grand DSDac 1.0 Deluxe
  • Sould note D2
  • Aqua La Scala

Then, looking around, i found a great deal on a demo Lumin X1 ... a bit more than my budget ... but i can stretch.

Now my question: I read a lot of very positive review on the X1, but i'm a little nervous because it is a 5y old device ... and it will be a big investment, quesiton:

  • is it wise to go for a 5y old device
  • How long will i be able to enjoy it before services stop working on it?
  • Is it it better to get a new DAC and connect it to my D2 (and eventually upgrade to a more modern streamer later)?
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Will i get a better sound with the x1 compared to the D2 + a modern DAC in the 5k price range?

What do you all think?







I would hold out for a Lumin X1 with the new processing engine found in the U2/mini.

It's a huge step up from the older models.

Lumin doesn't make hardware upgrades to their existing models, so when they come out with an upgrade to the X1 it would likely be an entirely new model. There has been no official announcement of a new flagship model but I also expect one to be coming in order to keep up with changes in the rest of their line.

I found this thread tonight as I’m finally considering trading in my S1 for an X1 but I know the D3/T3 came out last year so I was thinking that the X2 might come soon. Anyone with inside information? This thread was started 10 months ago stating imminent release!

I went from a MacMini to Aurender, to Auralic, to a D2, then T2, and then S1. With the steady updates, I’ve been super happy with the S1 and it’s still above a T3 for me. With the updates, I wouldn’t be opposed to an older X1, but I’m curious what features the X2 may have. I’m also looking at the Esoteric N1XD and possibly a Bartok APEX. 

@jwcinsd The good thing about Lumin is you're starting with excellent hardware, but they continually update firmware even on older devices. For example, an X1 is still excellent like many components. 


I am curious having a U1 with X1 power supply to see what comes of the new version. But at that level, it's at best incremental improvement and more realistically, just slightly different.