is it time to tara down

Ive been a long time TAra Labs fan,air 1 from amp to preamp,the one aes on digital .ref gen 2 speaker cord,hand full of air power cords. Ive even got a pair of air 3 running my sub..problem is midrange is so pronounced,no mater what i do it over drives the whole sound field,,need some idears,on what cord to go currently tring nordost moonglo on digital .but dont help..system is on here to check it out.getting ready to put arc ls25 mk1 in system..but would like to know what peep has used with system like mine,or close to it...NO DEALERS PLEASE,I WILL CALL YOU IF I NEED SOMETHING SOLD TO ME.
yea mike been doing pc thing for a while..i have tara labs air on digital and vh audio flaver 4 and 2 running every thing else im going to play with it this week end
Just a guess but from looking at your system picture you may have too much toe in? I agree with Mikesinger on moving the speakers away from the wall. The glass top coffee table in the center of the triangle probably does not help the mids either. good luck, Al
i covered the table with a blanket,did help ,i took my speakers and faced them forward with no toe end,and unhooked my meridian 518 from transport and dac,and it made a world of differ.i think my speakers are to far apart now that they have no toe end,,,wonder how far apart they should pic they are 13 feet apart from center of each speaker..and 2 feet 9 inches from back wall,and sitting in my listening position,is 15 feet from center or looking at the tv.i dont know if this helps ,,but any feed back is needed
It's funny that people comment on the small table and not about the bare walls. I doubt that you want to cover the whole wall with acoustic material, but some fabric decor (for high WAF!) in strategic places might do some good for mid and treble emphasis/brightness.
You may need a second person to move the "panel" across strategic spots that seem to reflect towards the listening position. It will be a long trial and error session but it's a good start. Only after solving that basic problem should you look at equipment and/or cables for additional enhancement.