Is it worth it to add a music server just for FLAC files?

Hopefully someone can help with my question.

My current system is a Krell Digital Vanguard Integrated Amplifier and Wilson Cub Series 2 speakers. The Krell has a USB input that I have connected to an external hard drive that contains all of my FLAC files. I control what is playing with the mconnect app on my phone and can stream from Qobuz/Tidal/Spotify if I need to. It all works fine and sounds great to my ears.

My question is other than some GUI navigation improvements what would be gained if I ran my FLAC files through a music/network server (Aurender, etc) before inputting to the Krell? My intention at the moment is to continue using the DAC in the Krell. Not interested in Roon.

What would a music/network server add in my situation?

I know the real experiment would be to get a music server and let my ears tell me, but just trying to think this through right now.

Difficult to say.  I have a NAS connected to my router, which is picked up by my Lumin U1 Mini via MinimServer. All the files: Flac, AIFF, etc play well through the Lumin; however, I do not have a preamp, so cannot bypass the U1 to hear if there are any differences.  My gut says the music server would have a better (less noise) storage device than your hard drive, but that's only a guess.  Maybe someone else has first hand experience.
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@mastering92 What would the tiny desktop add to my setup? SSD -> Krell Digital Integrated which includes a DAC.

BTW - I meant to say I am using an SSD not a HDD. Also I am not contemplating building a server, I would be buying something like an Aurender. :)

I will leave the FLAC/WAV discussion to the many different threads - I am aware of the pros and cons. But long story short for me is that I like the metadata that goes along with FLAC which WAV is not capable of.

Also should mention that it is my understanding music servers like the Aurender’s use regular off-the-shelf SSD drives like what I have in my current external drive.