Is it worth refurbishing my tube Marantz?

The Marantz equipment is currently at L&M Electronic Service Co (the only long time shop that repairs and refurbishes this equipment in the Bay Area).It will cost me $500.00 to refurbish the Amp. I know at one time these were in demand but I've no idea how to sell it. The equipment, as identified below would be in perfect working order. The Pre Amp serial number is 7C &-19051 and the Amplifier's serial number is 8B-8-7286.

This equipment was my fathers and has been carefully stored all these years. Any feedback would be enormously helpful as I have to come up with an answer soon.

In addition I have my own 1969 JBL SA660 solid state amplifier: serial number is 7194.
Ancient equipment is only a collectors play, not really meant for actually listening. The classic ancient designs have found their way into modern knocks off, Cayin and VAS does many of these, and does them well with SOTA parts. So, if you want to actual listen, take that route.
I believe that modern valve designs are not advanced to the vintage ones. Practically no difference in at least performance. The only difference is PRICE.
Vintage units such as HH Scott, Fisher and Marantz can bring same level of performance for much less.
They are beautiful pieces and yes if they do nice work I recommend you get them fixed. The filter caps in the preamp and the amp will need to be replaced. The selenium rectifier on the preamp will need to be replaced as well. The output transformers on the 8B are some of the best. They were designed by the late Sid Smith.
Forget what these guys are saying, just give them to me.

Seriously these are great investments to keep, if like you say they were looked after and carefully stored, they could be in great condition. BUT!!! I would not just plug them in and switch them on.

These could be in great condition component wise . As they have been in storage for a long time I would get someone who knows what their doing to bring them both on very slowly from (monitoring a few parameters like bias etc) 0vac to full mains 110volts going back to 0 every 20 volts over a period of an hour or so till you get to 110vac, using a big arse variac.

This will slowly condition things, mainly the capacitors, and even the tubes to a degree. Instead of giving everything a shock with full mains volts instantly.

Or like I said you could just give them to me.

Cheers George
When your Marantz pieces come back from L&M, put them up on an auction on Audiogon or Ebay. I'm sure you'll be very pleased at the response. Don't worry, you'll recover your $500!