Is it worth upgrading a CD player?

I’ve had my Marantz CD6002 for around 14 years and it’s still going strong. I have it connected to an Audiolab M-DAC+ and play via my Rega amp. I’m mostly vinyl but have started to playvmy CD’s more recently and wondered whether upgrading the CD player would be worth it or not, given the fact it’s played via a dedicated DAC. Am I right in thinking there would be little noticeable improvement?



1. Yep, the Pro-Ject RS2T definitely has a small form factor as intended for the smaller footprint goal. It is supplied with a wall wart SMPS. They offer an optional LPS or one can purchase another brand of LPS.

All I can pass along to you is, this transport has fabulous sound quality. Yes, even with the SMPS. I did purchase an external LPS and it did improve further. IMHO the RS2T is a terrific CD transport as numerous reviews have attested. However, I understand it just may not be for you. No single component/product will please everyone, that’s for sure.

2. I do believe that the Jays Audio transports would be an excellent choice for you. Earlier in this thread (11/14) I posted a link to reviews of the Jay’s audio CDT3 MK III. In the Hifi Advice review comparisons are made between the CDT3 MK III and their CDT2 MK III.

The flagship CDT3 MK III is considered the clearly better transport, granted at 2x the cost. A number of factors were given as to why this is so. Given what you are seeking, I believe their flagship model is what you are looking for. I strongly suspect you would be very happy with this choice. If the RS2T didn’t exist, I would own the CDT3 ML III.

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I have had a Rega CD player for 30 years. The remote died a decade or more ago. Otherwise still going strong and with the little rubber thingy that I put on the CD itself when I use it, I have found no reason to upgrade.

caveat: I own about 400 CDs and 5,500 LPs.

Try the Border Control Dac , Well made 1ST rate service , Very nice sound  2 grand your set

@charles1dad Thank you. Have you heard the Jay’s Audio CDT3Mk2 or Mk3? How does it compare with the Project is what I want to know. For a short time, Steve Guttenberg/Youtube preferred the Project to the CDT2Mk2, then did a newer video just extolling the virtues of the CDT2Mk3 as I recall. What is it that would make the CDT3Mk2 or 3 at least equivalent to the Project unit. I could buy either but prefer the sonically better unit. Thanks.

Just saw this Youtube  He states Hi, its a customers drive who has the QStab RST...Projekt with LPS comes close but has no OCXO clock...but its way to expensive...cheers Mike He thinks that the Project is overpriced considering it's cheap power supply which he acknowledged can be upgraded and lack of extra clock.  Still not a clear cut answer.



I understand, it’s High End audio and everyone has an opinion. Invariably someone will prefer one or the other. There will never be an universal consensus. This is why I advocate either CD transport. I haven’t heard the Jay’s Audio transports but trust opinions of Agon members who have. You’ll have no difficulty finding listeners praising either Jay’s or RS2T.

I don’t happen to agree with the “over priced” opinion, but that’s me. The RS2T offers the lowest entry price to get the Stream Unlimited CD Pro-8:Blue Tiger servo integrated drive get in other transports

1Aqua Audio Diva II (Current version) about10K

2 Acustic Arts Drive II about 17K

3 Gryphon ETHOS CD player 35K.

Jay’s Audio uses the very fine but out of production Phillips drive mechanism. I am not saying that the more expensive transports (Using Stream Unlimited) don’t offer additional feature/factors. But that Drive unit is a very important and vital piece of the sonic picture. BTW sound quality is excellent with the supplied SMPS. It’s just that good as it is, it can be further improve with a good LPS. This is what I did.

I believe if I owned a Jay’s Audio CD transport I’d be very pleased with it. Particularly their flagship CDT3 MK III. I do not believe that there is only one path to excellent CD sound. I just happen to know based on my own experience the RS2T is one way to get there among others. Agon member wig has owned the CDT2 MK III and has the RS2T. You should email him via this site.

Bottom line is I don’t believe you could go wrong with either transport, either is capable of making you happy in my opinion.