Is JL best sub for the money?

Looking for a sub to complete my fathers system, Vandersteen Quatro Signature speakers, Audio Research Ref 3 pre, Aesthetix Atlas amp. System is in a 13x22 room with treatment but no bass traps. The JL 113 is what has my fathers interest and used it comes at a good price, so for around $2500 is there other models I need to check out new or used? I do admit I like the idea of a calibration mic the JL offers so that or a EQ with test disc would be huge bonus.............thanks for all ideas.
PS While the Vandersteens dig low with his Organ playing and Classical music collection that bottom end is something we will only get with a sub, I have hooked up a Def Tech 15in sub to show him benefit of air and slam so just need something more musical and tunable. again thanks
Good to see you posting Chadnliz, I agree with Shadorne about hard to beat at any price.

I recently installed JL Audio subs in my system. This is the first time I've successfully integrated a sub for music playback.

After calibrating, the Fathoms disappear into the image of my main speakers. No hint of their presence except for the very deep bass that was not there before.
Albert-did you play with any subs when you had your soundlabs;just wondering as I have M2's.
Have to agree with Albert. The Fathoms are so flexible they do indeed seem to disappear. Tough to beat on price, too.

Might want to have a look at the Zu Audio Method subwoofer, too. In a recent article, the reviewer, who had previously sworn his allegiance to JL's Fathom F-112 quickly switched to the Zu after hearing it. Zu is slightly more pricey, coming in at 3200.

One thing for certain, though- you'll get far, far, FAR better customer support with Zu than you will with JL Audio. Zu cares. JL? Not at all. For me, with two subs that are fairly closely matched sonically, the kicker in which one to buy is which company is easier to deal with. In this case, that's Zu. By about a factor of a billion. And I own a JL sub. Go figure. Found them before I found Zu. Zu also will kick in their custom subwoofer cable at no extra charge, I believe. You've also got a 60 day return guarantee with Zu. Don't like it, they take it back for a full refund. See how that works out with JL Audio. It won't.

Check out this article for some salient commentary on both the JL and the Zu products:
Albert-did you play with any subs when you had your soundlabs;just wondering as I have M2's.

Yes, had REL, Signet and Fosgate with Sound-Lab and the only way any worked were for LFE from home theater decoder.

It's very difficult to match subs with Sound-Lab because they are as close to perfect phase of any speaker ever made (in my opinion).

The big Sound-Lab may not even require subs. My U-1s went deep into the teens or 20 HZ region and with great weight and lots of air. If you crave more bass you could upgrade to big Sound-Lab for same or cheaper than cost of my two JL Audio Fathoms.

Just a thought.