Is JL best sub for the money?

Looking for a sub to complete my fathers system, Vandersteen Quatro Signature speakers, Audio Research Ref 3 pre, Aesthetix Atlas amp. System is in a 13x22 room with treatment but no bass traps. The JL 113 is what has my fathers interest and used it comes at a good price, so for around $2500 is there other models I need to check out new or used? I do admit I like the idea of a calibration mic the JL offers so that or a EQ with test disc would be huge bonus.............thanks for all ideas.
PS While the Vandersteens dig low with his Organ playing and Classical music collection that bottom end is something we will only get with a sub, I have hooked up a Def Tech 15in sub to show him benefit of air and slam so just need something more musical and tunable. again thanks
I have 2 jl audio F113 in my 2ch system with my stats and they are the best subs I have even owned --they are seemless---- there is always a new guy on the audio block and what any reviewer says may not be what you would think --trust your own ears--I don't think you will be disapointed with the jl's -- more importantly they have bass timbre and are truly musical--good luck --Rich
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The Zu subwoofer review is from a Wes Marshall, who uses ATC SCM50 speakers. If Zu integrates with ATC then it is indeed a "musical" type sub rather than a HT type. ATC bass is thin, precise and tight. ATC make a large 15" subwoofer but it is ugly compared to the Zu and more expensive.
I second Bob Reynolds: You basically have 66% of a pair of 2Wqs already inside the Quatros. Although the JL is a very impressive performer, I find that my 2Wq subwoofers work very well in two corners of my room with no EQ or bass traps. They blend seemlessly with my mains (previously Vandys, now a different brand). Also, they are extremely good at being invisible; they do not add bass where there is none, but cleanly and tightly deliver it when there is bass in the source material. And when they deliver that bass, it really sounds as if it is coming from your mains. YMMV, of course.
Hate to burst the JL bubble but many have sold off their JL's (some in multiples) after they experienced Mark Seaton's Submersive subs. I have a Submersive and just a happy customer with no affiliation with company. However, I do not have direct experience with JL. Different strokes for different strokes I guess. Louder, Deeper, less distortion, equally as musical are what I heard from those who tried both. Do a search and find out.