Is low cost DAC worth it?

Been learning a lot from you fine folks... thanks!

I am driving Boston Acoustic Lynnfield 975 speakers with a Willsenton R8 amp (recent purchase to try it out) and streaming over wifi through Apple Airport Express. It sounds pretty good but I find myself wondering if adding a low cost DAC would improve the sound any?

Maybe something like the Cambridge DacMagic 100 or 200M?

My hearing is not that great anymore, so I don’t think it makes sense to jump on a DAC costing thousands, but I understand the Airport Express is a decent DAC, so not sure if a low cost one would make any difference?



I was surprised how much my used MyDac ( $125.00) increase the SQ of my CDP and streaming,


Buy used get more for the money


if you have time and can add $200  if bought used the MHDT DACs are very musical rich

Low cost generally gives a much bigger bang per buck. You can squeeze the lime (spend up) for a little more juice but it will probably be supplanted soon.

Here is another way to consider my question.  Are low cost DACs (such as the Schiit) going to be any better than the DAC in the Apple Airport Express?

The iFi Zen DAC v2 ($199) gets good reviews as punching well above its weight, and even if you add their iPowerX power supply (that you should) you’re still at only $308.  Hard to believe that combo wouldn’t significantly outperform whatever cheap DAC (I didn’t see any info on a DAC) and power supply are in the Airport Express, which was a $100 “lifestyle” product and not an audio component to be taken at all seriously.  Best of luck.