Is low cost DAC worth it?

Been learning a lot from you fine folks... thanks!

I am driving Boston Acoustic Lynnfield 975 speakers with a Willsenton R8 amp (recent purchase to try it out) and streaming over wifi through Apple Airport Express. It sounds pretty good but I find myself wondering if adding a low cost DAC would improve the sound any?

Maybe something like the Cambridge DacMagic 100 or 200M?

My hearing is not that great anymore, so I don’t think it makes sense to jump on a DAC costing thousands, but I understand the Airport Express is a decent DAC, so not sure if a low cost one would make any difference?



$500 DAC - nope.  Better off spending $500 and upgrading your CDP instead.

A good budget DAC should be a step up from the one in the Airport Express.  Topping, SMSL, and Schiit all have well measuring and nice sounding DACs in you budget.

Another vote for Schiit stuff. Apparently some of you have reading difficulties (or maybe English isn't your primary language) because he was clear about his budget. SSDD. 

Totally Happy with my Topping E30.  It’s a budget DAC and works quite well, quobuz off a spare IPhone XS and running a lighting to USB cable.  I’m getting up to 24bit 192k.  

Musician audio Pegasus ,and Draco 

both are R2 R   Dacs I heard both ,the Draco is the cheapest at $750the Pegasus around $1k better then the Aries 12-1  or anything in its price IMO..

it’s a good. 1st Audiophile dac on a budget ,both take a minimum of 300+ hours to fully run in ?