Is LP distortion the record or the cartridge?

Or maybe something else? On dynamic peaks, even at fairly low volume, the sound breaks up and produces distortion.
The first thought is that the cartridge is not properly tracking. Am using a Miyajima Shalabi, Tri-planar arm and Woodsong Garrard 301. Fairly new to serious analog and TTs, I hear the phrase “compliance” but not really sure what that is all about. I do know that the arm and the cartridge need to be compatible.
I regularly clean the stylus with Audio Technica stylus fluid and its brush. I never hear this distortion on new LPs.
@atmasphere  What would you recommend as a "good stylus cleaner"?

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Hey all, not to sure about this, but it seems to me I read in the past, if one plays old worn out records this will wear / alter the new tip out faster than anything. I am sure those that know have a definitive answer for this comment.

Dear @mglik  : According with a research made years ago ( taking care to clean the stylus tip and LPs. ) a good stylus tip starts to show deteroration signs at around 500 hours of play and it will be safe and will performs as " new " till it has 1K hours of play, after that time the stylus tip  increment the " velocity " of its damages and after 1.5K is time to think that any time soon we have to think in a retip to fix it and impedes that that stylus tip increment its damage and more important the LP damage . Your cartridge has not 1.5K hours but 2K hours.

I already gave you my advise that even that you don't listen any kind of distortions with new LPs this with a 2K hours of play cartridge is making an irreversible damage to all what you play with it.

Is up to you, are your LPs not mine.

@no_regrets  one of the best stylus cleaner is the Lyra one that comes with the Lyra cartridges when you buy it but you can buy the cleaner alone.

I actually only have about 1000 hours on my Shilabi. That is about 40 days of 4 hours a day. If the stylus is going bad, that is an awfully short time for a $3000 cartridge. @rauliruegas are you saying that a stylus is only good for about a year?.