Is Mach2Music out of business?

I had my Mac Mini upgraded by Mach2Music 2 months ago. I've made many enquiries regarding their battery power upgrade, with no reply. I have even tried emailing them with an alternate email thinking perhaps they didn't appreciate my initial enquiry?
Still no answer after 6 weeks of emailing.
I can only assume they are out of businees, or don't appreciate return business?
I can only hope a post like this will wake them up and realize decent customer service will bring them repeat business? Or the lack of customer service will scare people away?
I find it particularly frustrating that all my emails were answered promptly when I was in the market to go the initial Mach2Music route. Since then, nothing!
I could not even entice any acknowledgement with some more business, ie. the battery upgrade.
What's the deal? Anyone have any ideas?
Mach2Music....Is there anybody out there?
Email them and tell them you want to buy another and leave your phone # because you have some questions. Request that they call you or give you a # to call back at.

Good Luck! I too hate poor service and will not support
You have to pay for the customer service?

This is taken from their site:
We are happy to answer brief questions by email. However, to keep the cost of a Mach2 server low, and to allow people to pay only for what they use, we ask that you purchase a support package if you need more in-depth help.
Thanks for the number. I will call. It does seem odd though that a company that bases itself on computer audio cannot answer EMAIL?