Is more amp power always better...?


Asking advice on what power Amp/int amp I should buy for my room size...

I have a small listening room.  11' x 10'. I have 89db speaker sensitivity  I am going to buy a solid state amp.   

For best audio quality (ignoring all other factors), my question is:  

Do folks advise "Buy as much watts per channel as you can afford"?  -OR- "Buy enough watts for the room" as more watts in reserve do not mean better quality audio?

Put another way: are more watts in reserve better for audio quality, even if amp does not use this power?  

Thank you...hope this was clear.  


How many ohm are the speakers ? 
150-200 wpc is a good average at 8 ohms and she be close to double the power into 4 ohms for any decent quality amp referring to SS .

the reserves are good for transient peaks to prevent distortion if playing loud.

with any room acoustic room panels are a big flus to reduce echo, reflections and distortions.


Being a bit underpowered at "normal" listening levels will result in some degree of dynamic compression. The result will not sound "wrong" or objectionable, just not as impactful, or with as much contrast between quiet sounds and loud ones. Severe clipping due to insufficient power at high listening levels is another story altogether. Not what we’re referring to here.

On the other hand, the "wrong" high powered amp will sound wrong to you, which would be objectionable.

So, pick an amp that sounds good to you.

Please don't associate watts with sound quality.    In a 500 wpc amp, if the first watt is crappy, the remaining 499 watts will be crappy.  I have a 40 watt tube integrated amp driving speakers rated at 92 sensitivity.  I can blow the roof off with volume (not important to me).  Most important:  The sound quality takes me places my car can't.

The answer to the title of your post is:  No!