Is my amp good enough?

Hello everyone. New here and looking for some opinions.

My system comprises of mostly NAD components. The pre amp is the C165BEE and the amp is the C275BEE. They are currently driving an older pair of Monitor Audio Silver 8's. I have always been rather happy with this set up.

I am now looking at upgrading the speakers to a brand new set of Monitor Audio Gold 300 5G speakers and I am wondering if my amp has what it takes to get the best out of the incoming speakers. I am not sure if I would get an honest answer from a salesperson as they might convince me I need a $6000 amp to drive the speakers.

I have included the specs on my amp and the speakers I am looking at. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Some details:




Continuous output power into 8 Ω and 4 Ω (both channels driven) >150 W (ref. rated THD, 20 Hz – 20 kHz)

Continuous output power into 8 Ω (Mono, Bridge mode) >330 W (ref. 20 Hz - 20 kHz, <0.02% THD)

Rated THD (250 mW to rated power, CCIF IMD, DIM 100) <0.008 % (ref. 20 Hz - 20 kHz)

Clipping power (4 Ω and 8 Ω) >170 W (ref. 1 kHz 1% THD)

IHF dynamic power - 8 Ω 250 W

4 Ω 410 W

2 Ω 600 W

IHF dynamic power (Bridge mode) - 8 Ω 800 W

4 Ω 1200 W

Peak output current >50 A (ref. 1 Ω, 1 ms)

Signal/Noise ratio >102 dB (A-weighted, ref. 1 W)

>123 dB (A-weighted, ref. 150 W)

Damping factor >180 (ref. 8 Ω, 50 Hz and 1 kHz)

Frequency response ± 0.1 dB (ref. 20 Hz - 20 kHz)

3 Hz - 100 kHz (ref. -3 dB)

Input impedance (Fixed IN) 10 kΩ + 200 pF

Input impedance (Variable IN) 100 kΩ + 100 pF

Input sensitivity 1.2 V (ref. rated power)

Voltage gain 29 dB

Minimum input level for AUTO TRIGGER 10 mV at 1 kHz

Time to power OFF at no signal in AUTO mode <10 minutes


Normal operation 312 W (ref. 230V AC 50 Hz; 120V AC 60 Hz)

Standby power <1 W

Idle power <100 W


Monitor Audio Gold 300 5G:

System Format 3-way
Frequency Response (-6 dB) 30 Hz – 50 kHz
Sensitivity (1W@1M) 90 dB
Nominal Impedance 4 Ohms
Minimum Impedance 3.5 Ohms @ 1 kHz
Maximum SPL 117 dBA (Pair)
Power Handling (RMS) 250 W
Recommended Amplifier Requirements 100 – 250 W

I had the NAD 375BEE, and really liked it, but decided to see if I could improve. I introduced a Schiit Freya + preamp and this was a significant improvement. You might start with a preamp, the new Schiit Kara would be a low cost experiment. I also agree that you should use your existing equipment for a while with the new speakers before you make change. 

Thing is I haven’t purchased the speakers yet. Auditioning would be at the store and probably with a much more expensive pre and power amp. I know this store sells NAD products, I guess I could ask if they would have something close to mine to use for the in store audition.

If the speaker alone sounds substantially better than my old Silvers I would still go ahead with the idea of upgrading the pre amp and amp down the road.

So I get the sense that a preamp would be a more logical upgrade (with the new speakers) before the power amp?

I would definitely ask the store to demo the speakers with something similar, even if it is a NAD integrated at around the level of your separates. If you like what you hear, live with that for a bit and if you get the upgrade bug later on, you can see what your budget tolerance is and go from there.

I would keep using the NAD pre and power amp with the new speakers. They are both high quality circuit designs and transparent to the source. Spending lots more will only buy you audio jewelry - not significantly better sound! Upgrading your speakers will give you the best bang-for-the-buck!

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