Is my dealer lying to me?

This past weekend I went to listen to some speakers. I've been planning to buy CD player also, but that was not this weekend's purpose.

At first we were using a YMB player, McCormick amp, and Soliloquy 5.3 speakers. The speakers is what I was auditioning.

The CD player he is trying to sell me is the Cambridge Audio D500ES, I beleive. Price:400

Big difference I know between the YMB ($2500)and the Cambridge ($400). But it wasn't $2100 in difference in sound I can tell you that. What concerns me is the difference between his comments and the perceived opinions of people on this board. In other threads, there are quite a bit of "ditch the Cambridge" comments.

The dealers comments were "best player under $2000"... "chris sold his $2500 Theta and picked this one up because it's that good, and pocketed the money"... etc.

I'm not asking if this is the best player under $2000. But how does it compare to Arcam and Rega models at $500-700?

Obvisouly, he recommends the Soliloquy 5.3 also. I liked them but wasn't as impressed as much as I thought I would be. The guy has a small shop and seems honest, but it seems this cambridge is not very well respected in this forum.

I've gotten rid of alot of my gear. What I have left to use is a Yamaha RXV-995 receiver. An amp will come, hopefully sooner than later, but I need speakers and a CD player now unless I want to continue to use my DVD player for CDs.

Any comments?
When I started to upgrade my two channel system my dealer let me audition a Cambridge D500SE against my 16 year old Mission DAD 7000.You will be will blow away the Mission..a good start....a superior source.Well, you can imagine my surprise and disappointment ,when it was "none of the above".No change, no certainly left me scratching my head.
That was my first lesson,there is no substitute for your own ears and my second lesson throwing money at a problem will not necessary make it go away.
Discussion forums,reading articles ,reviews all helped to get me started on my budding audio hobby.
No one can tell you the correct thing to do, only help in giving you direction.Its the ears and your pocket book that should make the final decision.
It can be a very frustrating hobby but it can also be VERY rewarding......ENJOY...HAPPY LISTENING.

Thefalls1117...That Mission 7000 CD player was really good, especially when you consider that its D/A were 14 bits, oversampled to get 16. Mine finally developed mechanical problems and was given a decent burial.

The dealer probably never heard the Mission player, so he wasn't lying, just misinformed.
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