Is no preamp the best preamp of all?

As an experiment I hooked up my OPPO BDP-95 (which has a volume control) directly to my amp. I was very pleasantly surprised to hear a significant improvement in clarity and sound quality. Typically I have the analog outputs on the OPPO running through my preamp in Analog Direct. I have heard that the circuitry within preamps can cause cross-talk in the analog signal, deteriorating the quality of the signal. So, would having no preamp (and therefore no other circuits to interfere with the signal) be better than an expensive analog or digital preamp running in Analog Direct? I am not really interested in Room Correction or DSP of any kind. I was considering purchasing a Bel Canto PRe6 (which I've read is excellent for multichannel analog), but would it be better to just have the OPPO running directly to the power amp?
Yup, mystical was the wrong word. I just think AS loves IB's sound, and given his views of Coincident gear over the years, it does not surprise me that he would love the line stage too - apparently the two of you must like similar things from your equipment - you gear looks like it must work beautifully together.
Thank you very much for your kind comments regarding my system.
The Coincident components have worked out superbly for me.
"as a clue, if you see a device that has fixed and variable outputs, then the volume control being implemented is most likely analog."

I disagree with this statement. As a percentage of CDPs and DACs with volume control (I don't know of any that do not offer both fixed and variable output when they do offer volume control internally) very few are actually analog volume controls.

Of the several that I have owned, Wadia (two different units), Esoteric (one unit w/ volume control, 2 unit without volume control), DCS, Audio Aero, Resolution Audio and Mark Levinson. The Levinson, DCS (if I remember correctly) and the AA had analog volume controls. The Logitech Duet that I own has a digital volume control. I can only think of a small handful of digital devices that have analog volume controls vs. digital volume controls.

But back to the key point. I am quite satisfied with my Esoteric SA-50's digital volume control 90% of the time. Due to the gain of it combined with my amplifier, I have to play it at the upper end of its range. In fact, even at 100% I feel I would be happy with a little more volume in some music. My problem only comes when I am listening to music more softly. But in reality, when this is the case, I am not critically listening anyway - so it sort of becomes a mute point.

For the record, I find this to be the case with analog volume controls (whether via the digital device or a regular preamp). If I am playing music softly, it is more likely just for the enjoyment of having music playing vs. critical listening.

So perhaps, if the OP is like me in terms of the sound volume levels, his concerns may be less of a real world issue, making this point mute (pun intended) to some degree.
The DAC is the chef. The amp are the ingredients. The speakers are your stomach.

If you use a digital volume control, you are eating it take-out style, in a styrofoam container and probably reheated with the microwave.

If you use an excellent preamp, you are eating it at the restaurant with nice clean silverware and proper lighting.

If you use a lousy preamp, then the waiter is annoying and the fork has a chunk stuck to it from a previous customer.