Is Old Music Killing New Music?

I ran across this Atlantic magazine article on another music forum. It asks the question if old music is killing new music. I didn't realize that older music represents 70% of the music market according to this article. I know I use Qobuz and Tidal to find new music and new artists for my collection, but I don't know how common that actually is for most people. I think that a lot of people that listen to services like Spotify and Apple Music probably don't keep track of what the algorithms are queuing up in their playlists. Perhaps it's all becoming elevator music. 

Is Old Music Killing New Music? - The Atlantic



By speaking of the Beatles I was not implying that they were over and above Dylan or any of the classical, jazz, or artists from any other genre. And was not comparing them to Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Miles Davis, etc.

I found the article by Rick Ruben interesting and I would say that he knows quite a bit about the artists of today. 

With that said I do think the Beatles were genius in their own right.



I think that theBeatles have some "genius" for sure....

Anyone negating that is deaf....I apologize to you for my post if i was appearing  to  suggest the opposite...

But genius is a big word in a small world....Or a small word in a big world...

This is also like the marvellous Beatles genius, a true genius craftmanship:



Rayland. Baxter!!!!

Bucky Baxters son

very good new era artist.  
Check him out!!!

I find Agon to be a major source of discovering music and artists both old and new that I am not familiar with and am appreciative to the folks that share their thoughts. 

Enjoying the thoughts on this thread and many others. 

If one is not streaming they'll have a difficult time discovering new music today. I quit listening to mass consumption music after early 70's, only place to hear more ambitious music was the underground/freeform fm and university stations. After undergound/freeform stations went away, left to university stations and a few specialty shows on commercial fm for this up until I discovered streaming.


While I have at least 2500 cd's and 3,000 albums from all eras and most genres I was losing interest in music constantly rotating the usual suspects of collections. Streaming is like having unlimited underground fm and university stations, and I get to be the DJ!


Going to see Beach House this weekend with my older brother and his son. The typical concert I go these days pretty much devoid of boomers.