is oppo only bluray w/ hdmi in, stereo analog out?


From what research I've done it looks like only the oppo 105 has hdmi in and and stereo / 5.1 analog out (I only need analog stereo out)? Here is my wish list:

- hdmi in for lame comcast cable box for video out and analog stereo out processing (2 hdmi in would be nice)
- hdmi out to my flatscreen
- stereo analog out to go to my stereo analog preamp
- amazon streaming built in
- high quality video and audio processing

Is my only choice an oppo 105 for $1200 plus add on hardware to get the amazon streaming to work?

From what I've read, the BD-E6500 Samsung Blu-ray player's hdmi ins are only pass throughs, doesn't have analog out and is buggy.

Seems like there should be more choices out there. I guess a compromise would be going with an oppo 103, but that does not have hdmi in and not as good as analog out processing as the 105 (I understand the 105 stereo out will be very hard to beat).

I own the Oppo 95 and that has 2 HDMI out and stereo pair of RCA audio outs
I use it for both CD and DVD and is great either way.
I own the Oppo 105D and very satisfied with it. That having been said, you might want to consider the Cambridge 752BD which does have much of the same features of the Oppo machines, including two HDMI inputs/outputs. It does not, however, have the Darbee video processing found in the 103D/105D.
Cambridge 752BD is the same price as 105. I know the analog processing
is really good on the 105 but is it $700 better? I might try the 103 against
my Sony BDP-S470 and use a HDMI switchbox in front of the 103 for my 2
devices. Has anyone had problems using hdmi out from an xbox 360 or
comcast cable box (not the newest ones) to the 103 or 105 hdmi in? The
Sony has Amazon streaming built in, the Oppo does not :(.

Thanks everyone...
I have a Comcast cable box going into the 105D without any issues. Although I don't have an Xbox360 I'm not aware of any issues using them in concert with Oppos. Yep, no Amazon streaming but there is Netflix, Vudu, Pandora, Youtube, Rhapsody, CinemaNow and Berlin Philharmonic all built in. Some, like Netflix, do require a monthly subscription.

Don't know if you listen to downloaded DSD files but the Oppo 105 can handle DSD64 (SACD quality) through any of its three USB connections and DSD128 through the fourth, its asynchronous USB input.

I've never heard the Sony so don't know how the two stack up in terms of sonics or video quality.
@joe, did you notice a video and audio improvement sending the comcast hdmi out into the 105 hdmi in?
Yes, on both. Keep in mind this is the 105D that I have with the Darbee video processing.

If you do get the Oppo 103D/105D you should check the output settings of the Comcast cable box to make sure you're allowing it to pass through the video portion at 1080i and 1080p and that the audio is also set to pass through. This allows the Oppo to handle the processing and not the cable box. With the cable box powered off, press the menu button on the Comcast remote. This'll bring up a menu where you can change various parameters.

One thing I did notice is that, in general, I have to set the gain higher on my integrated to get the same volume levels but other than that...

I use the "Hi Def" setting for the Darbee at 40% and it definitely makes for an improvement in the video. Sound is also clearer with better separation once the 105D's ESS Reference 9018 DAC is handling the audio. Being able to play DSD files and the audio/video processing were the three main reasons I bought the 105D. Even just playing CDs and SACDs, the sound quality of the 105D is superior to the 95 I previously owned.

This is one of the best audio purchases I've made in quite some time. If you buy it from Oppo there's also a 30 day return policy. Just sayin'...
@joe, thanks for the sponse. Did the oppo take away some of the harshness that some broadcasts can have via the comcast box and their internal DAC setup? This is the main reason I would consider using the oppo to decode the digital cable audio signal.
You're welcome. I never really noticed any harshness when playing the sound directly from the cable box. Could be my tired old ears aren't capable of hearing it. Sorry couldn't be any help on this point. What I have discovered, though, is that I prefer the sound from the cable box when it's set to LPCM rather than Pass Through. The bass seems to have more heft for whatever reason.
Does the current line of oppos (103 and 105) automatically switch between hdmi, usb and the disc tray for source inputs or do you have to manually switch?


I am planning to use a Oppo 103 as a cd transport. Any thoughts?

Thank You.
I have a 103 at present for HDMI video only with audio from a Lexicon MC-1 through its expansion port bypassing all processing for 2-channel and it eats the 103. The 103 is just ok for spinning discs. I used a CEC TL51XR belt drive cd for music listening and that was about 60% better than the 103. Greater 3d depth of soundstage, instruments were better placed and isolated. More space between instruments, vocals, singers. You could buy used for price of 103. Most important is power supply(seperate if possible), dac chip, and quality volume control. Synergy with everything else in the end if your looking for a transport - stay away from the Oppo's. Cheers!!!!!
BUT i heard the stereo out is a) through its own dac which probably is not as good as yours nor voiced to your liking ....and b) the signal going to the 2ch rca outputs or xlr are dumbed down .... and NOT anywhere near hi-rez PCM found in the blu-ray discs' Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

I heard some people use an audio de-embedder to get the hi-rez 2-ch PCM to their dac. Know anything about that??
I've heard of it too but I haven't experienced one. The thing with the 105 is its Saber 9018 processing chip sounds so extended with so much resolution the midrange and bass sounds thin. The 103 is similar but uses the Cirris logic chip. I just use it for HDMI to big screen.

My thoughts are if room is setup well, first reflection points are set, speakers are setup correctly from each wall. Speakers are truly phase coherent - You shouldn't need room calibration at all. Just takes time to align everything. Processing in a separate dac will always be better quality hands down. And a separate power supply takes things to a greater level.
Bacardi, by the way I use a Lexicon RT 20 and once I gave it "extensive" power conditioning - its performance surprised me. Very good all around. Much improved over just into the wall which I think indicates their power supply may be the weakest link.
To my understanding, the best Oppo players for the 2 channel analog audio are the 83-SE / 95 / 105.

Unless I'm missing something, the 2Channel sound using the analog outputs on my 83-SE sounds a minimum 150% better in every way...clarity, sound Separation / mids / highs / bass / singers is SO MUCH BETTER that I'm thinking I must have something hooked up wrong? When I start a Blu ray movie on 7 channel sound, it sounds MUCH better when bypassing the HDMI and using only the 2 channel analog???

Onkyo TXNR-5009 / Zu Presence mains / Other 5 speakers top line M&Ks / Furman conditioner / transparent or Zu cables / Oppo 83-SE / Samsung HD player / NOT USING RECEIVER AMPS...using a 7 channel Carver amp with 400 WPC / Comcast box / Vizio TV where Netflix only comes out of TV
Sound wise.

Any advice would be appreciated as I'm not working and listening way more to my system.