is oppo only bluray w/ hdmi in, stereo analog out?


From what research I've done it looks like only the oppo 105 has hdmi in and and stereo / 5.1 analog out (I only need analog stereo out)? Here is my wish list:

- hdmi in for lame comcast cable box for video out and analog stereo out processing (2 hdmi in would be nice)
- hdmi out to my flatscreen
- stereo analog out to go to my stereo analog preamp
- amazon streaming built in
- high quality video and audio processing

Is my only choice an oppo 105 for $1200 plus add on hardware to get the amazon streaming to work?

From what I've read, the BD-E6500 Samsung Blu-ray player's hdmi ins are only pass throughs, doesn't have analog out and is buggy.

Seems like there should be more choices out there. I guess a compromise would be going with an oppo 103, but that does not have hdmi in and not as good as analog out processing as the 105 (I understand the 105 stereo out will be very hard to beat).

Bacardi, by the way I use a Lexicon RT 20 and once I gave it "extensive" power conditioning - its performance surprised me. Very good all around. Much improved over just into the wall which I think indicates their power supply may be the weakest link.
To my understanding, the best Oppo players for the 2 channel analog audio are the 83-SE / 95 / 105.

Unless I'm missing something, the 2Channel sound using the analog outputs on my 83-SE sounds a minimum 150% better in every way...clarity, sound Separation / mids / highs / bass / singers is SO MUCH BETTER that I'm thinking I must have something hooked up wrong? When I start a Blu ray movie on 7 channel sound, it sounds MUCH better when bypassing the HDMI and using only the 2 channel analog???

Onkyo TXNR-5009 / Zu Presence mains / Other 5 speakers top line M&Ks / Furman conditioner / transparent or Zu cables / Oppo 83-SE / Samsung HD player / NOT USING RECEIVER AMPS...using a 7 channel Carver amp with 400 WPC / Comcast box / Vizio TV where Netflix only comes out of TV
Sound wise.

Any advice would be appreciated as I'm not working and listening way more to my system.