Is optical mostly a waste of time versus Ethernet?

The only value I see with a fiber optical cable is if you have a long long run.

All the noise coming into an optical fiber is preserved and comes out the other side. I guess there is a value in not creating more noise while it is traveling through the optical cable. But if it's a short run of two Feet then is it really worth it.  Seems a well shielded Ethernet cable would do just as fine without all the hassle of converting to optical which is a pain in the ass.

I always thought there was value with optical but it seems they're really may not be. Maybe I'm wrong.  It seems a switch likely produces a lot of noise and inserting an audio grade switch is very prudent and going optical really doesn't solve switch noise problem.  The benefit of re-clocking offered by a decent switch to clean up the signal is worthwhile.


I’ll be buying those media converters in three weeks when my DAC arrives. I’ll be using them with an iFi Zen Stream/iFi PS. My primary power conditioner is fully utilized, but I’ll plug these into Panamax conditioner.

Success or failure depends on how much noise is added to the ethernet cable feeding the iFi.

@goofyfoot I installed the GP converters a year ago and they do make a difference in my Moon 680D. Tom is also correct on plugging them into a conditioner and isolated from other components. 

@juanmanuelfangioii A separate power conditioner just for the fiber optic cable converter is impossible for me to do. I can plug the second box into my passive line conditioner since it will be near my stereo but other components use it also. But I believe my receptacles are isolated from each other. Do you have an affordable solution or suggestion?