is "audiophilia" another form of conspicuous consu

i expect that most audiophiles are hobbyists where music is primary.

what about those who "appreciate" quality components as a form of conspicuous consumption for its own sake, to impress other people , etc. .

would anyone admit that the reason for their component purchases was not to further their appreciation of music but to satisfy other motivations, like having a big boat or expensive car ?
I would say that if a person is trying to be conspicuous in that way, (impressing friends and visitors to his/her home)than an expensive audio system is one of the worst ways to do it. Most people that I know are barely aware, if at all of high end audo, and either don't understand the size and perceived complexity of the system, or they simply don't have any interest in it at all. Most visitors to my house think it's odd and takes up yoo much space.
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I think it's insufficiently inconspicuous to qualify. As opposed to say, a Porsche 911 that everyone sees you pulling in and out of your driveway all the time.
Too few people if any would be impressed with my system, simply because they really don't care or understand and my system is not bad. However, pride of ownership is a factor with myself. I appreciate good sound coming from components that are well made. I can enjoy my system just from looking at it. Which is one reason I enjoy viewing others posted systems, which I will never be able to listen too. The joy of my system is for me alone.
I just looked at my last post, and I think that I need to start proofing them again. Sorry.
Anyway, I agree with Elizabeth in part. I would have multiple systems if funds were unlimited, but it would be for my own satisfaction, not to impess others who probably wouldn't know or care what they were looking at anyway.