Is Revelation Audio out of business ?

I am wondering if anyone placed orders recently with Revelation Audio and received their cables in the last couple of months . Have they closed down or still in business ?

In July I ordered a cable and received a wrong cable. Brad told me to return the cable and promised to send me the correct cable. However after I sent back the cable to them, even after so many email follow ups there was no reply for a very long time ! In early October I received one email stating that cable is ready and is being dispatched. However, since then there was no tracking number or email reply to my emails. I sent many emails and told him to either send me the cable or refund my money, but in vain.

I tried calling their phone number many times, but no one is picking up and goes to voice mail always.

I keep wondering if Revelation Audio has closed down or he is just lying to me and gone with my money....

Please share if anyone has any other contacts to reach him.

Thanks everyone for your responses. There seems to be a serious issue with Revelation Audio by treating customers like this unfortunately....very poor business sense. He is digging his own business' grave.

Exactly 3 years later, and nothing has changed. I tried giving Brad a chance, and just like documented all over the Audiogon forums, it starts out great until it isn't. I guess Brad never heard the saying if you always under-promise, you'll always over-deliver. It's almost as if he likes doing this. I even offered to buy a cable he has in stock that's longer than I need, but he insists it's done, something about finishing what was in the queue first. Well, duh. Why not just say "I'm about 4-5 weeks out" or something to that effect? 

Instead, he sent me a tracking number, saying I'd have it on X. After that date came and went, he didn't answer a follow up. He then finally answered when I offered to either buy a cable I knew he had (longer than I needed) and send the extra $, or file a claim with Amex. Then he says the above, and it'll be here before Thanksgiving. Well, it's Wednesday before, and it still hasn't shipped.

I've known a handful of guys who operate the same way - they just can't seem to be on the level with where a project stands. Or think overpromising will make the client happy. Even when a project is complete it's as if they can't quite make it to the PO to ship. I don't get it. But then I've been in the service industry for over 40 years where deadlines are my bread and butter.

I saw on the True Audiophile retail website they had issues with Brad, but were "resolved" after a conversation with him. This was just last week, it has since been removed so I'm guessing this was quite recent. The worst part is I really need this cable (female 8 pin mini-DIN umbilical for Gold Note phono stage) as my current cable is failing. Tracking one down has been a B%#@! Looks like I'll need to make my own.

Anyway, I should have listened to the posts here, but I'm desperate. RAL still best to be avoided!

I’ve always received the cables I ordered from Brad.  Sometimes it took 3 weeks and some times it took 4 weeks.  Brad does make some of the best bang for the buck cables.

Ordered two Supratek umbilical cables from Brad a little over a year apart.  Received both cables in less than two weeks with no drama.  Last cable was in June.