Is Roon Nucleus the best choice for Roon Core and as server?

I am in the market for a Roon Core and a server for my stored music Including high res, cd quality and some old MP3 I cannot find elsewhere. Some servers I have looked at suggest keeping the Roon Core separate due to the heavy volume of metadata. As I don’t have that much stored music, I would prefer to do these two functions in one unit and spend more on the streamer and the DAC. Is Nucleus by Roon the best choice? I see an RS9 being advertised but can’t find any information in it.
I have a v1 Roon Nucleus (not the +).  It was a notable set-up from using a MacBook Pro (look at my posts in other threads for more details).  Music in both cases was a 2TB Samsung T5 external USB drive.  Now i am getting close to 2TB of music, I purchased a Samsung 860 QVO SSD 4TB which I have yet to install.

It is a turnkey, easy solution.  If you want to build something, I think you can make something comparable for less, I was just more interested in saving time and hassle.

I am using a Schiit Yggy DAC, or KEF LS50w's, both of which are seen as Roon endpoints.
I LOVED the Roon software but was having stability issues running from my PC. I have built my own amps and I started a speaker company and was moving into the audio business.

I never thought about building my own server like the Rock above. I reached out to Roon for a discounted unit to use at AXPONA and I was talked into becoming a dealer and running a Nucleus+.

The only value to the Nucleus+ over the Nucleus is processing power and two things make a difference. The Nucleus+ is required if you want to run a DSP on DSD rather than on PCM, or if you have more than 120K tracks in a library.

I don’t know if it is the best available. I hear amazing things about units from Antipodes and Rockna but it is definitely the best in its price range. 
Hi guys, i’m also looking at different alternatives for Qobuz streaming only and perhaps little local storage.Would a Roon Rock server be up to the task in a 180K reference level system or should i look at more expensive streamers like Innuos or Antipodes ?Right now i’m using a dedicated fanless NUC with SOTM external USB reclocking and Daphile for Qobuz streaming in my headphone rig.