Is Sennheiser 600/650 an overkill ?


I am looking for a good headphone for my cube at work. It will be used to listen MP3 from my computers, which fairly new ones with P4 and Intel sound cards that come with the computer. Currently I am using a 'free' headphone that comes with a cheapo MP3 player, which sounds not too bad to me.

On Audiogon, a used Sennheiser 600 goes around $200 and 650 $380, which are not expensive at all to me. But my quesiton is are they too much for my application? If they are, what other models would you recommend?


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You might also consider a closed back (sealed) headphone, to close out background noise, and so that your music is not audible to others. I use the Sennheiser HD-280 pros, and I really like them. A step up from these is the Beyer DT-831 (I think that's the model).
Thanks everyone!

The headphone will be used in my cube at work with computers/MP3 ONLY, so an Amplifier is not an option unfortunately.

Seandtaylor99: -- I didn't know 600/650's open design will make the sound audible to others! That is definitely not suitable for cubicals. I don't see many Sennheiser Pro or Beyer headphones here on Audiogon though. Are they good with computers?

You can find them at HeadRoom, I would suggest you also consider the AKG 271s. They are nice and will block noise well, too well at times if you need to hear ringing phones and such. They're pretty inexpensive or if you want used go to, lot's of used headphones in the for sale forum. BTW - Just because you're using a computer doesn't mean that you can't use an amplifier, take a look at the HeadRoom BitHead.
Thanks all of ya!

I just placed an order of new Sennheiser HD280 Pro on Yahoo for $84. This is like pocket change comparing to my other audio gears! If this doesn't work out I can try another one without breaking the bank. I'd love to try HD650 but too bad it is not suitable for cubicals :-(

BTW, how can I hook up an headphone Amp to my computer (Compaq laptop)which only has headphone jacket output ????????

As stated above the Senn 600/650 are great headphones but require external amp because of 300 ohm rating. Headphones that are run directly from portable CDP/MP3/Computer need to be very efficent 30-60 ohm range, any Grado headphone would work also ideally get used 225 or 325 models.

To substantly upgrade sound for any headphone you need external amp to boost signal from portable CDP/MP3/computer, also need mini/dual RCA cable to connect headphone amp, ideally device has "line out" mini to directly connect headphone amp (eliminates cheap volume control of MP3 player)

Popular headphone amps for @$300 widely available include Creek, Musical Fidelity, Grado, Headroom. Go here to look at some headphone gear and explore options:

Also to read top headphone discussion forum check out Head-Fi: