is sensorineural hearing loss permanent?

A Guru in his own eyes that have a youtube cannel and call himself "real world audio" claim that you can overcome sensoineural hearing loss by and even his mentor ,Stu, had told him so. And this is by special method that they know.

i was so suprised how many Audiophiles want to believe those mumbo jumbo

so, for all those:

SNHL is usually permanent . Once the hair cells of the inner ear are damageed or lost, they can’t be repaired


Some individuals have the ability to create/live in their own reality, and that includes defying physical science.

I have a list of degenerative conditions throughout my body and hearing loss/massive tinnitus are 2 of them. 

Cures/information from "gurus" and "enlightened ones" on the internet are dime a dozen.

In today's world, one can declare themselves a tree, and it's acceptable.


We live in the age of alternative universes and are all the worse for it.

Reminds me of a Werner Herzog directed movie where in a boy never exposed to humans before arriving at a University were he was taken under the care of a professor who taught him language and introduced him to society. After some time when in a hall in the school,  he asked the boy 'what was the biggest structure he had ever experienced'. The boy responded 'this room'. The professor told him this could not be as the room was just part of a much larger building. The boy responded that when outside the building he looked forward and there was the building, but when in the hall no matter where he looked all he saw was the hall!

Interesting. Unreal for sure, but for this boy, at his stage of development, this was 'real'. Laugh not, you may have been there. :-)