is sensorineural hearing loss permanent?

A Guru in his own eyes that have a youtube cannel and call himself "real world audio" claim that you can overcome sensoineural hearing loss by and even his mentor ,Stu, had told him so. And this is by special method that they know.

i was so suprised how many Audiophiles want to believe those mumbo jumbo

so, for all those:

SNHL is usually permanent . Once the hair cells of the inner ear are damageed or lost, they can’t be repaired


If it is presbycussis age related hearing loss most likely not curable.if it is recent due to infection ect see an ear nose and throat asap .in some cases if caught early can be helped. If asymmetric hearing loss need to rule out acoustic neuroma a small benign tumor in the bony portion of the ear causing compression on the hearing long as it's not fluid behind your ear drum that would be acute most likely followed by upper respitory infection sinus ,throat ect.other causes of ear problems are nasal tumor compressing eustation tube where the ear drains rare occurrence. Again see your local ear nose throat doctor.

Janos from "real world audio" (others are not real?)   is not a doctor although he wants people to think he know something. This leeds to the second problem. He started a youtube chanel as a Audio Guru ans ask people to donate money for him. Anyone know who is he really?

what his family name,is his occupation that he claims -is real?

what is his real expereince in Audio?

Maybe Audiophiles are people that needs Guru?

Nerve cells don't regenerate and once they are gone, they are gone. The ringing you may hear is your brain trying to turn up the sound in the effected side. That is why you should always protect your ears when around loud noises. Anything above 95db can potentially cause hearing loss especially with prolonged exposure. When you are at a stop light and the car next to you is vibrating from the boom boom coming out of their speakers you know there is a future seriously impaired hearing loss person.