Is simpler better?

I have been adding components in my audio systems and subtracting as well at times. Over some time now, I wondered if I hear better resolution, dynamics, clarity and get closer to the recorded music when I keep the path short and simple. I mean one source, one integrated amp and to the speakers. Or even a digital component to a DAC then to the integrated amp and finally to speakers. Bypassing the preamp or in some cases bypassing a separate DAC. It certainly elimates the need for redundant volume or gain, reducing wires or cables, reducing the chance for incompatible components and keeping the path short.

For those using turntable(s), does the combination of phono preamp, platter, tonearm, cartridge, motor, isolation get to be too much to manage? To get the best sound? 

Your thoughts? Your experience?


To get the absolute "best" sound when spending more than $100K I think you can  curate one with some trial and error.

To get the "best" sound for less than $100K you can’t beat an all in one active speaker system like the KEF-LS60, the YG Vantage 3 Live or the Dynaudio Focus series.


better is better

simplicity/complexity is a red herring in and of itself

all else equal, simpler is better, but of course, all else is never ever equal....

(powered speakers aren't better, aren't simpler -- the complexity is all there, it is just tucked inside the speaker cabinet... they do friggin somersaults to jam all that stuff in there... ) ... let's use our common sense, ok?

Yes, keep it simple as possible.

Your health, your family and your friends will all thank you.


"Yes, keep it simple as possible.

Your health, your family and your friends will all thank you"

The most wise words I have heard today, Thank you (and I agree)

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