Is simpler better?

I have been adding components in my audio systems and subtracting as well at times. Over some time now, I wondered if I hear better resolution, dynamics, clarity and get closer to the recorded music when I keep the path short and simple. I mean one source, one integrated amp and to the speakers. Or even a digital component to a DAC then to the integrated amp and finally to speakers. Bypassing the preamp or in some cases bypassing a separate DAC. It certainly elimates the need for redundant volume or gain, reducing wires or cables, reducing the chance for incompatible components and keeping the path short.

For those using turntable(s), does the combination of phono preamp, platter, tonearm, cartridge, motor, isolation get to be too much to manage? To get the best sound? 

Your thoughts? Your experience?


Simple does not automatically equate to less components.  I prefer components that don't have a features/functions that I don't need.

One of the reasons that I selected the Denafrips Ares II DAC that I have is because it is only a DAC.  My Pathos Classic One MkIII is also a pretty basic integrated amplifier that is a preamplifier and amplifier with separate power supplies in a chassis.


I've gone recently from mono blocks and pre Amp

To an integrated

I'm.happier and I've achieved a sound quality upgrade

This of course dependent on components involved

Just want to illustrate dumping separates for an integrated these days ain't what it used to be

Simple can be bettered by "better." There's no magic formula, and a simple setup is still actually a lot of parts in a that source really simple or simply less parts?  A preamp can ad substance or not depending on its design and how the user implements it...power supplies, cables, humidity...