Is speaker accuracy important for a rock speaker?

I listen to rock mostly and much of rock is distorted. Feedback reverb etc. Bass bloated and not tight. So do you really need an accurate speaker?? To hear a violin concerto yes. But for rock? You need one to play loud of course. One that will fill up the room with bass. Also should it matter much if the speaker does not sound its best at low volume? Hey rock is mostly about volume. I have heard of speakers sounding good at low and high volume but those get pricey. Im on a rock budget. Ive had OHM I's for a long time, the drivers being upgraded 6-7 years ago. Some would argue but to me their good speakers. I took the plunge after that and bought a used pair of a well reviewed speakers. Kept them a year and sold them. The midrange was clearer but they did not envelope you in sound like your at a rock concert. Those were PSB stratus golds. I also heard a Vandersteen 2CE at length at a showroom. They sounded colored to me? Maybe my tastes are different. Maybe my hearings gone!!!. Maybe Im not able to hear the refinement. Would a good used Cerwin Vega or JBL be better? I live out in the country and dont get to visit many stereo shops. I have a 300 watt Bryston. I am on a tight budget. $800 tops.
I just happened to have found a Stereophile from 92 with a review of the Mirage 3si !!!! Its want me to try one. It was the reviewers ref speaker. He was quite happy with it. $2800 in 92 dollars. Wonder what one would go for now? Could someone look that up here for me. Appreciated. But have you compared them to a PSB stratus Gold?? Thanks all. Mike
I have klipsch kg4's and they work great. if your on a really tight budget a decent pair will set you back 250-300$ they use twin 8''woofers up front with a horn and a 12'' passive on the back.
More so than "accuracy" of the speaker itself, which really cannot be objectively measured, the match to amp and integration into the room for optimal results are perhaps the most important things. Specs and designs may provide clues to help determine what might work well, but our ears are the best device for determining to what extent this has been accomplished successfully.