Is Star Sound Technologies out of business?

I didn't know where to post this....I was trying to check out the audiopoints, but most of the Web site just shows the dreaded box with the red X, can't seem to open up the pages.

Are they gone, or is it just a server problem??

I'm with Bigjoe. Holly was asking a legitimate question based on experience. There was no intended malice that I have been able to perceive!

Judy426 your comments are completely out of line! If it were not for Tom I would not know what I do about starsound technology, and I think it would be a lot more useful to hear it from a company rep than just another twit who has nothing to do but blabber on AudiogoN (that being nrchy).

Why anyone should apologize for being accurate and helpful is beyond me!?!
I have already apologized here on this public forum, the same place where I made the faux pas of asking about Starsound in such a way in the first place.

Again, I meant no harm to Tom, or Robert or the company, have never read anything but good things about their products, and have been helped quite a bit by Tom (Twl) before when I was in search of a turntable.

When I couldn't access their website earlier this month, I was just very dismayed that they might be out of business, and made the mistake of making a post here where I was hoping to get some reassurance from the many knowledgeable folks on Audiogon. Instead, I worded my question in such a way that many have taken offense and seem to think I was trying to undermine a company that is very well respected, and rightfully so.

Please note that it was no fault at all of Starsound or its owners/employees that I was unable to fully access their Web site - it was totally due to the lousy computer I was on at the time.

I again ask for forgiveness for my unthinking post and assure you that I am here to learn - and even, I hope, to occasionally be of help to others when I can - not to spread malicious gossip or to start some sort of controversy.

Holly, don't be concerned, you did nothing wrong.
Computers do strange things sometimes.
I understand completely.
I'm happy that you got the info you were looking for.
Thanks Tom - your understanding makes it a lot better!

I was looking for a replacement Audiopoint - I managed to snap off one on my equipment stand when I was moving it. The stand alone weighs 350 lbs so I can't lift it, so I have to sort of "walk it" into place. I put too much of a an angle on one of the Audiopoints, realizing that you aren't supposed ever do this, and "snap" went the threaded insert....

Anyway, turns out I won't be able to replace it - it snapped off inside the tap in the equipment stand leg and there is nothing to grab on to in order to unscrew the part that is still attached to the leg. That leg is now sitting on a couple of pieces of metal - quite elegant, I am sure! :-~

Holly there are procedures that allow you to remove the threaded shaft of the Audiopoint and then replace the point with a new one. Of course you will probably need some help in unloading and moving your equipment stand to perform this surgery. There are alot of Audiogon members out there, maybe one in your area could lend a hand..Where are you?.. the other Tom