is the amp too powerful..and would it hurt or damage my speakers?

so I'm new to building home theatre. I just recently bought Klipsch RP-8060FA front towers....klipsch RP-504c for the center channel. Both are rated at 150 watts RMS.......

the amp i am looking at is the Anthem MCA 325 Gen 2...which is 225 watts per channel driven. would this be too much for these speakers? 

thanks for any help...
It would work fine.

So would 100 Watts.  Probably so would 50.

Go with your best sounding best deal.


It's no problem to run 150 watt speakers with a 225 watt amps.  The amp is only going to output as much power as your volume setting determines.  Most listening is actually going to be in the 5 to 15 watt area.

Getting a more powerful amp is generally desired.  It's not because you want all that power.  It because you want the large power supply with larger transformer and capacitance bank.  This provide a much smoother sound with better current delivery to support strong bass and midbass signals, even if it's at low to medium volume levels.
Op it's not usually the amount of on hand power, it's the "quality" of power on hand...  If the amp is well behaved, and isn't driven to pass a bad signal, chances are your speakers, will never have a problem. 

Continual "clipping", fuse blowing, overheating, all the signs of abuse, will take their toll. Just like anything else... Keeping things tight, clean, routed, and off the ground, will pay dividends also...