is the AudioControl Concert AVR-9 and JBL Synthesis SDR-38 the same receiver?

AudioControl says the Concert AVR-9 is a class H amp and JBL Synthesis SDR-38 is listed as Class G, which is clearly different, but other that Dante ports on the back of the JBL, every other port and button appears to be identical.   Does JBL make the AudioControl AVR or vice versa?  JBL and Arcam appear to be identical and both brands have the same parent company Harman International, but what is the relationship between AudioControl and JBL, if any?


we are a long time audio control dealer


audio control and arcam share some sub assemblies and chassis parts


usually audio control has the better amps and dacs


one over riding concern audio control has fabulous customer service while harmons sucks


if you want a great product from a company that caes about their clients go with audio control even it it abit more expensive 


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