Is the Cary SLP-05 still relavant?

Given the history and reviews of this preamp with its ability for tube rolling and its "Ultimate" upgradeability, Where does it stand as a premium offering vs something like the PS Audio BHK? Is it still relevant? It still gets sporadic press, but has fallen out from Stereophile recommended equipment list.
@jmbumgarner01, I run a slp 05 into a pair of xa60.8 and have the same issue.  A quick note to Pass Labs and they suggested a pair of Rothwell 10db balanced attenuators into the amp’s inputs.  Problem solved, plus it lowered the noise floor with no signal degradation whatsoever.  Reno HiFi also recommended the Rothwells.  
Excellent test pilot thanks. So is running the slp-05 volume pot between 20-35% not ideal and result in additional noise or degradation etc? 
The combo is sounding pretty great so far although from startupmy voltage meter has been showing 250 not 210 and current is 68 not 60, I emailed Cary today on that.
I think that I answered that by looking into the rockwell’s.. gives a much better range of volume control not such large steps. I will try to track some down here without paying excessive shipping from uk. Thanks again.
Despite being forced out years ago the Dennis Had designs are still the class of the Carey line of electronics.
After spending a week with 5he SLP-05 I can enthusiastically say relevance is not age or recent press review dependent. Great designs are timeless unless they are obsoleted by technological breakthrough and I don’t believe 5hat has happened with preamps since the Cary came out. I agree with avanti1960 the sound is neutral, detailed and very musically engaging. This piece sounds fantastic in my system.

I am ordering the Rockwell attenuators as the gain is too high, there does seem to be some discrepancy as to the exact gain but it is definitely a bit high with the Pass amp. Well back to a snowy listening session.