Is the Cary SLP-05 still relavant?

Given the history and reviews of this preamp with its ability for tube rolling and its "Ultimate" upgradeability, Where does it stand as a premium offering vs something like the PS Audio BHK? Is it still relevant? It still gets sporadic press, but has fallen out from Stereophile recommended equipment list.
Update: I put the -10dB Rockwell attenuators in and that worked great. Volume knob now between 10 and 12 o’clock on most listening and SLP-05 balance set at 100%.
I still haven’t tried any other tubes but may look at that rectifier tube @avanti. My vinyl source material is amazing through the Cary and I have a new streamer/Dac coming tomorrow so that should be fun too. Are you guys leaving the SLP-05 on 24/7? Manual recommends yes but seems like there is a lot of disagreement on this. If I will be away for more than 12 hours I have been shutting unit off.
Put the unit in standby when not in use for short periods and power off completely at the end of the day.  The slp 05 does not take long to reach optimal listening. 
still lovi’n my 05 !
backed off the gain on my parasound a21+ to 50 percent, 75 % started to sound too rich, almost like a loudness contour was switched on.
added a NOS quad of sylvania 6SN7 GTA and they improved the midrange and treble quite a bit, midrange is clearer, treble sweet and refined. Also put the stock sovtek rectifier back in.
this thing was already a keeper but getting it dialed in at 150 hours the sound will be impossible to part with.
fyi the sound continued to change after 100 hrs so take the Cary recommendation lightly.
i leave the power unit on and switch the units on or off with the preamp power switch per Cary.  
Thanks for power off thoughts. I am planning on trying some Sylvania 7n7’s with adapter if they ever show up. I am probably at about 100 hours now.

analoguehaven...I am not a preamp expert, lots of opinions here and in the press. If you are looking for a neutral, very musically pleasing and gorgeous tube pre under $10k then the Cary should definitely be on you short list to evaluate in your system. Only caveats: it has alot of tubes, as mentioned above gain is high and no phono stage but at this price point most everyone running vinyl will have a phonostage. I am totally loving mine too since it hit my system a month ago.