Is the Cary SLP-05 still relavant?

Given the history and reviews of this preamp with its ability for tube rolling and its "Ultimate" upgradeability, Where does it stand as a premium offering vs something like the PS Audio BHK? Is it still relevant? It still gets sporadic press, but has fallen out from Stereophile recommended equipment list.
Old thread I know but my SLP-05 just blew some fuses and looks like the rectifier tube is bad….bummer…using a Classe’ preamp while I wait for some new tubes and gotta say although the Classe’  is decent BUT I am really really missing the Cary… is just not as live, detailed and engaging….The Cary is a fabulous piece of musical hardware… every way incredibly still relevant….doubt I will part with it as long as it keeps going…lots of tubes to screw with (i.e. roll or spend $ on) but very sweet where it counts.
my slp05 was bowing fuses too.  apparently the sovtek rectifier is as unreliable as people mention.  
received a mullard gz34 branded as westinghouse, sound has improved, reliability on these is supposedly lifetime.  
i listened to an old solid state preamp and man i used to really like the way ot sounded, but it was almost unlistenable vs. the cary.  
the Cary is my lifetime preamp.  it has it all sonically and visually. 
Thanks, agree totally, on my solid state pre anyway. 

Yeah the stock Sovtek lasted 6 months, guess for less than $20 that is what you get. I ordered another sovtech to be used as a test for any issues and one of the new Mullard GZ34. Replacing rectifier did solve so I pulled the sovtek and threw the Mullard in. I will hunt around for a nos Mullard but looks like they are pretty expensive.

Not sure if sound improved but I spent the night listening to Analogue Production 45 rpm’s and I am once again in aural heaven….and like you said it is a visual masterpiece for sure.

Did you ever put any higher grade fuses in?It seems to me fuse upgrades in a power supply would have limited sonic impact but ?