Is the Cyberpower Pure Sine AC regenerator a good buy?

Hi All,

I've dived deep into Audiogon threads regarding power conditioning, and have come across a barand/model of AC regeneration that appears to be somewhat more cost effective than PS Audio offerings.  But are they effective?  i'm not sure.  Can an Cyberpower PFC Pure Sine Wave AC regernators chime-in an comment if the units made any audible improvement in your system?  Thanks!


No. Not enough power for long enough.

Just a cheap UPS.

Good for desktop PC to allow save work and power down safely and VCR recording. Now days digital usually records to the cloud so no needy.

I would NOT plug my hifi into one.


Hi @fuzztone yes you're right it for sure does not have enough power to keep a hifi rig running for long...but my plan was to keep it plugged into the wall, so that it is continuously generating its Pure AC sinewave.

Would the corresponding hifi equipment plugged in benefit from this?  Or will noise travel from the wall through the batteries into the hifi?  Why would  you not plug your hifi into this unit?

It doesn't regen when it's plugged in, unless you modify it.

IMHO not worth it. 

Disclaimer: I have Cyber Power (on PC and TV) AND PS PowerPlant