Is the Dunlavy SC-3A's a good speaker for HT?

I listened to some cd's with the Dunlavy SC-3A's. I enjoyed them, but how do they sound in Home Theater? They would be used for music 60% of the time and HT 40%. Would they still be worth buying? I would appreciate your advice. Thank you
forever... the request was about the SC-III"A" as Dennis points out. See this A'gon ad for the specs.
(scroll down a bit in the window)

I do stand corrected. The SC-IIIA is spec'd to 27Hz! The rest of my comments stand as is. And, the Cantata is NOT ported.
I have to disagree about the full range stuff. That's some crazy talk. I've been running mine full for years - for HT and music and a huge range of styles for both. I run without a sub.

We're talking anything rom Zarathustra to dubstep and *loud*. MC-7200 loud. They're always smooth and nothing has blown. Not sure what dude here has been smoking.
I have a pair of SC-IIIA's that need a new home, if anyone is interested. SF Bay Area,