Is the dunlavy SC-IV still worth to buy?

I just sold my Nautilus 805, and looking for an replacement upgrade. I looking for used speakers in the range of $1500-$2500. Since I live in Indonesia, I have little option in such speakers: Vandersteen 2Ce Sig ($1200), Michael Green Chameleon ($1900), Spendor LS3/5a ($1100), and Dunlavy SC-IV ($2400). I understand that each speaker has its own strength and weakness, but I found that Vandy2ceSig and Dunlavy SC-IV have such a great review. I've tried the Spendor LS3/5a, and quite impress with it, but I think that it would be better to get a floorstanding speaker, thus I don't have to get a sub-woofer right away. Regarding Michael Green Chameleon, I could not find much review on it, so my final tought would be Dunlavy SC-IV (not the new SC-IVa version). Thus, I would like to get some recommendation whether it's still woth it to get it. Or should I just get the Spendor LS3/5a, which many people say it has an impressive vocal?
My system:
Krell KSA250
Krell KSP-7B pre
AudioNote DAC-2 (not the latest version)
Jadis JD-3 CD
Not too high-end cables interconnect and speakers.
(my system mostly old since I have a very limited budget)
Any recommendation would be really appreciated. Thanks. (Sorry for my bad english)
The Dunlavys are very good speakers and basically full-range. For the price, they are incredible.

The only potential problem, as mentioned above, is their size, and the fact that the company is out of business. All of the drivers are easily replaceable, however.
i gave up my Vandy 3A for the dunlavy.i think it worth it if you have the room for it..incredible speaker within the 2k range.dunlavy love Bat tube amplifier.
go get sc-iv if your muscle can handle them physically and your room can handle them acoustically. IMO, they are better than Vandy and spendor you mentioned.
2 more catches
1. the sweet spot is very small if matters
2. since sc-iv is efficient, Pass labs' Aleph can do better job than ksa-250, even 300B can do the magic.
Of the speakers you mentioned, and I have experience with most of them, the Dunlavys would be my choice. No question about that. You do need some good juice to make them sing their best. No flea power amps need apply! But for that money, and if you have the correct room what about an Apogee or magnepan?
Thanks so much for all the replies/ infos. One thing I forgot to mention is that my room is only about 3 x 3 meters (probably about 10' x 10'). I understand that according to some people, it would be too small. Then the questions is; is it still ok to get SC-IV, knowing that the spreakers placement would not be as recommended? My alternative then is to put them on my living room, which is big but not private (and not air-conditioned, thus not to good for the Krell amp..). Thanks again.