Is The FM tuner obsolete?

I foresee the day that the FM tuner will not be included in product offerings. 

Most radio stations have a streaming service and services like tunein offer this as well and have a much better quality to boot.

If you have a good tuner enjoy it now and when FM broadcast ceases start thinking about streaming, 
WHEN WE HAD a classical station and two decent jazz stations I considered a good tuner with an outdoor. antenna. Then Mozart  went off the air from lack of support (in spite of a huge regional population). 
You can guess my thoughts about all the "post-disco music" that is today's main offerings as you move the dial. This used to be THE WAY to get in touch with the world, with entire concerts offered on special nights. Some of those ancient radios were well made, especially with FM Stereo broadcasts available in many cities. But now there are so many digital formats and platforms I've lost interest. I want that classical station with human announcers providing historical information and then presenting a well-thought-out radio show so that I can learn about new music I had never explored before. Yes, I know it's available on-line, but you need so much more equipment to get it to your ears these days.

Nope …no worries

FM broadcasts over-the-air is alive and well as evidenced by both (I) the auto industry and OTA station broadcasts in major centres here in NA and (2) also more so in Europe. The DAB broadcast format in the UK is great … a shame it was a stillborn broadcast platform here in NA. 
With a quality external FM antenna feeding a high-end FM tuner with a good broadcast FM signal , I get CD / near-CD uncompressed audio quality FM reception that comparatively smokes compressed format free streaming .

I have a $7k digital streamer/DAC/digital player as part of a $60K system but I will still cheerfully default to an OTA FM broadcast with a fully rebuilt and upgraded top FM tuner (… see ) whenever possible.

I'm fortunate to get good reception of KUSC (91.5 FM), which provides high-quality classical music 24/7 with no commercials. The sound quality on my upgraded Magnum Dynalab FT-101A is better than CD playback. It will be a sad day if the station pulls the plug.